Dental Implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth or multiple consequent missing teeth. They have the great advantage of natural feeling and allowing dentists to replace a missing tooth without drilling the healthy adjacent teeth. Also, existence of an implant in a removed tooth socket stops the bone recession which starts after a few months of the tooth removal.

The number of dental implants can be less than the number of consecutive missing teeth. For example, 3 missing teeth can be replaced with 2 dental implants and a bridge. Ideally, a maximum of 4 unit dental bridge should be supported by 2 dental implants. The number of implants required for the procedure will be told by our dentists during the online consultation.


There are large variety of crown/bridge materials to choose from for replacing missing teeth with implants. While aesthetics are important for front teeth, durability is more important for the back teeth. Also, the length of the bridge is an important factor for choosing the correct type of dental bridge material. If the bridge is longer, it makes more sense choose a durable dental bridge material in order to prevent any fracture or chipping in future.

  • All-Ceramic Crown (Aesthetic)
  • Solid Zirconia Crown / Bridge (Durable)
  • Porcelain-Metal Crown / Bridge (Durable)
  • Porcelain – Zirconia Crown / Bridge (Aesthetic & Durable)


Save healthy adjacent teeth from being drilled down.
Stops the bone loss and gum recession on the location of missing teeth.
Dental Implants replaces the root of a tooth. Therefore, they feel natural.
Long term solution.
Fixed solution.


Dental Implants for replacing single or multiple missing teeth can be completed in just a single visit, depending on the bone quality. This procedure of completing the procedure in a single visit is called Immediate Loading. However, Immediate or Early loading can be risky when the jawbone is unsuitable due to low bone quality or the possible necessity of advanced implant procedures such as Sinus Lifting.

Conventionally, Dental Implant procedure is completed in 2 visits with 3 months between each visit. In conventional method, dentists place the implants in the first visit and complete the bridgework in the second visit after 3 months of healing period.

In Esdent Dental Centre Turkey, we complete the procedure of dental implants for single or multiple missing teeth within a single visit of 6 days.

There are many factors effecting the treatment duration for dental implants:

  • Bone density.
  • Bone width and height.
  • Primary stability of the implants.
  • Systemic conditions (Diabetes can increase the risk of failure of the implants at the healing stage).
  • Existence of present infections or lesions on the surgery site.
  • The need for advanced implant procedures.
  • Bone grafting.