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Our highly experienced dentists provide the most appropriate and ethical treatment plans to our patients.


We use our in-clinic CAD/CAM milling technology on a regular basis so you will get the best result in the shortest time.


Whatever treatment you require, we can proudly show you reference photos from our large photo library of our previous treatments.


Luxury accommodation at low costs. We will make sure that you are having quality time during your dental holiday.


We care about our patients comfort. Our staff will meet you at the airport to take you to your hotel with our VIP designed cars.

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Oral and Dental Health Information Corner

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Dental Health

What is teeth whitening and for whom?

It is a bleaching process using Hydrogen Peroxide or its derivatives. The substances used release oxygen (0). With the separation of oxygen, the color of…
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Dental Health

Consider when choosing a dentist for your child!

The most common dental diseases in the world are the possibility of transmission of gum diseases and caries from person to person. In this case,…
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Dental Health

Healthy teeth from infancy to childhood

My baby's teeth are coming out! From the 6th month, your baby starts to get his/her first milk teeth. Milk teeth are important in the…
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Dental Health

I Have Osteoporosis, Can I Have an Implant?

Today, a wide variety of bone augmentation methods are applied. These can be artificial bone in the form of bone powder, blocks or pieces, or…
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Dental Health
How Long Do Implants Live?
Dental Health
What to do for healthy teeth?
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Dental Health
Why Do Teeth Decay?
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Dental Health
Dental Health and Nutrition

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