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My baby’s teeth are coming out!

From the 6th month, your baby starts to get his/her first milk teeth. Milk teeth are important in the development of babies. They play a role in chewing food, speaking, looking aesthetically pleasing, and erupting permanent teeth in their normal position.

What should I do for healthy milk teeth?

Regular brushing, healthy eating habits and regular dental check-up are required for a healthy set of milk teeth.

Brushing should be done twice a day with soft and age-appropriate brushes from the time the milk teeth erupt. The purpose of brushing is to clean all white enamel surfaces. Brushing should be done after meals with circular movements from the gums to the inside of the mouth. In brushing, fluoride toothpaste suitable for the age of the child should be used only in the size of a pea. Teeth should be brushed before going to bed.

What is bottle rot and how can it be prevented?

Drinking milk or fruit juice with a bottle for a long time, especially while falling asleep at night, causes widespread tooth decay in babies. The main reason for these common caries is that the teeth are in contact with these liquids for a long time. Therefore, it is correct to give only water to the baby during the night.

What is fluoride application?

Fluoride helps strengthen teeth. In accordance with the age, the dentist can apply various fluoride applications to the tooth surfaces in the clinic to strengthen the teeth.

When should I take my child to the dentist?

After the child starts to sit on his own, the first dentist check should be done. Even if your child has no problems with their mouth, they should be taken to the dentist every 6 months. The control to be carried out every 6 months is important in terms of early detection of problems that may occur. It also plays a role in the child’s getting used to the dentist and the tools used, and in avoiding the fear of the dentist.

What consequences do bad habits have?

Bad habits such as sticking the tongue between the teeth, thumb sucking and nail biting not only disrupt the milk tooth sequence, but also affect the subsequent permanent tooth sequence. Facial development is impaired. In eliminating these habits, pedodontists should cooperate with pedagogues if necessary.

Does gum disease occur in children?

Gum diseases can be seen in childhood, mostly during tooth eruption, mouth breathing, tooth closing disorders, bad habits and herpes infection. The factors that cause the disease should be eliminated and necessary treatments should be performed by dentists.

New teeth are growing in my child’s mouth.

Around the age of 6, the first permanent molars erupt into the mouth behind the rearmost milk teeth, these teeth are often confused with milk teeth. However, they are permanent teeth and do not change. Maintaining the health of these teeth is of great importance for the child’s ability to chew and for the development of facial and jaw bones.

What is a surface sealant (fissure sealant)?

Fissure sealants are applied to the chewing surfaces of primary or permanent molars by dentists. Fissure sealant covers the chewing surfaces and cuts the contact of these indented areas with bacteria and nutrients and prevents the formation of caries.

What is proper nutrition in terms of dental health?

Sugary foods such as sugar and chocolate should be avoided in nutrition, especially between meals. In addition, sugary fruit juices and soda drinks should be limited in between meals. Instead of sugary refined foods, natural, juicy and high-fiber foods such as fruit should be recommended. If you want something sweet, especially between meals, products with the “Tooth Friendly” logo should be preferred. These products do not rot the teeth.

When is orthodontics necessary?

In both primary and permanent dentition, when there is a defect in the tooth sequence, if protective orthodontic treatments are required, fixed orthodontic treatments provide the correct development of teeth and jaw bones, a smooth facial appearance and chewing competence of the child.

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