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Turkey is at the top of the list of preferred countries in the world with its health tourism potential, which has grown rapidly with the growth of quality health services it has achieved with the Health Transformation Program in recent years.

The fact that the service quality provided in Oral and Dental Health Centers in Turkey is above the standards and factors such as examination, treatment, treatment planning process, patient-doctor relationship increase the rate of preference compared to other countries.

As Estetik İncim, we aimed to offer the most modern infrastructure to our guests who come from abroad to receive oral and dental health services.

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Patients living abroad and in need of treatment are in search of alternative methods of dental treatment due to the high costs of treatment in the regions they live in.

When the need is in this direction, especially Turkish citizens and foreigners living abroad prefer Istanbul for treatment.

With this preference, Estetik İncim offers its visitors the chance to discover and experience the historical, natural and cultural beauties of Istanbul along with dental treatment.

As Estetik İncim, we help our guests coming from abroad not only to plan the treatment process at the maximum level, but also to plan for them to enjoy Istanbul.

Estetik İncim meets the demands of those who want to receive quality, fast and respectful healthcare services in the best way possible. Estetik İncim consistently increases patient satisfaction and recommendability by professionally maintaining treatment process planning such as meeting and farewell at the airport, shuttle services and accommodation for its foreign visitors.

The main aim of Estetik İncim since its inception within the scope of health tourism is to add high added value to the country’s health tourism income potential.

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Aesthetic Dentistry

As Estetik İncim, the oral and dental health of our guests who live both in Turkey and abroad and come to Turkey to receive health services is our first priority. For this reason, we carefully choose the brands we use. In particular, we use Straumann and Medentika brand implants, which are among the best brands in the world, and EMAX brand for Lamina sheet coating.